Neighbour YVR
Directed by Kasey Lum
Words by Sheila Lam

Neighbour, noun:
1) a person or place in relation to others near or next to it; 2) a nearby object of the same kind.

Owner Saager Dilawri opened up shop in April 2011 in the thriving Gastown area of Vancouver, British Columbia. Being a focal point for menswear in Canada, Dilawri and company were exactly the type of establishment you’d want to add to the community. “With Neighbour I felt like we could create this ethos in the store where it’s friendly. It’s the one thing I’m happiest about, the name. I still haven’t gotten bored of it.”

Curated on a backbone of timeless designs and quality materials, Neighbour side steps hyped labels and extravagant names. Instead, putting emphasis on brands that might not have yet established themselves but are too focusing on producing a higher standard of apparel. The next time you’re in the neighbourhood, go say hello. They might not have a cup of sugar to lend but we guarantee they’ll have something better.

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