Pidgin YVR
Directed by Kasey Lum
Words by Sheila Lam

There are places that you walk into and you know, almost immediately, that you’ve just found something special. PiDGiN is one of those places. “We wanted to do something different. Both aesthetically as well as something that had this level of food and service at the same time making it casual and approachable. This is the end result,” says co-owner Brandon Grossutti. He and his incredibly deft team are bridging a gap beyond casual and fine dining but also in a culinary sense, as the name “pidgin” suggests, by taking “disparate cultures together and forming something more than it on its own.”

PiDGiN is the type of restaurant that is more than just the sum of its parts. The intimate and clean space acts as a refreshing blank canvas and allows for talented chefs to come and hone their craft under the skillful engineering of executive chef Makoto Ono. This allows for a palette of diverse influences to paint each night a different one. “Not having a demographic and just having people who appreciate good food, good service, and a beautiful room —that’s the people we wanted. It’s just about people who have a passion for food.”

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