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Words by Sheila Lam

In February 2013 QVC held their annual event show Red Carpet Style–Live from L.A.. In the midst of glamour poses and glitzy party gowns we came across a photo on Instagram that subsequently ignited our fixation on STOP IT RIGHT NOW‘s Jayne Min.

Imagine if you will, Min peeking out behind a shrub at the edge of the red carpet with the caption, “what do you mean I totally belong here”. Later that evening she Instagramed another photo with a pillow affixed to her head and what looked to be a matching cape. “Swag innovation”, she said.

That’s the humour that we’ve come to expect and admire from Min. A laid back and satirical approach to a sometimes overly self-conscience micro-universe. Of course, if you’ve been following her since the inception of her blog in 2009, you already know that.

Out of boredom and in between gigs Min launched her blog STOP IT RIGHT NOW. Her inaugural post titled, all things ridiculous, is a simple two liner but reading it in retrospect we should’ve guessed what was to come.

ri·dic·u·lous (adj) : beyond all reason; broadly or extravagantly humorous

basically all things that drive me crazy in the best way…coupled with all things that drive me crazy in the worst way. and yes, beyond all reason.

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American Vintage

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It’s that extravagantly humorous voice that’s become not only Min’s calling card but her ticket to the fast track of blogger success—like the HOV lane on a freeway during rush hour. With all of its success and praise it’s interesting to learn that STOP IT RIGHT NOW is in fact Min’s side hustle. Based out of Los Angeles, California, Min highlights as a full time apparel designer.

In 2012 Min designed a set of covetable skate decks to the tune of Phoebe Philo’s Céline Spring/Summer 2011 collection. A project that blended her zeal for both design and skate culture (a community she’s been a part of since picking it up in junior high). In an interview Min explains, “skate fans and fashion fans are all sort of obsessive… I guess both worlds are always trying to outdo themselves and be innovators. There’s this unruly passion in both that I really like.”

In the year since we were first introduced to Min, we’ve not only seen her collaborative achievements but we’ve followed along while she purchased giant pizza cushions, snapped photos of her beloved Pomeranians (Kuma and Pepper), profess her deep affection for Mr. T, and be just about the only person to successfully rock the infamous furry Céline sandals in-real-life. Min just stop, stop it right now.

Shoot Locations: Blossom, Café Gratitude, Read Food Daily, Mohawk General Store, Barneys Beverly Hills, Jet Rag, American Vintage.

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